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 by Anonymous
Name: Charan (Grade 6 student)

Indu aunty, you're awesome!!!  I want to thank you for help in teaching one of my favorite subjects, Math.  I like your mind math and easy math tricks, that makes the math much more interesting.  I want to thank you for all the opportunity for conducting the quiz for the younger kids, I really enjoyed all of it.  -  2pi Mind Math Favorite Kid.

 by Anonymous
Name: Chandini Ashokkumar (Grade 6 student)

First of all, I want to thank you for all your effort and hard work you put into teaching us the difficult subject on the planet!! Before I joined your class, I was learning on-level Math, still having trouble completing my math classwork. But now I am on HONORS MATH and able to complete all my work without much trouble, thank you aunty for your help, encouragement, and mathematical tricks, to make Math easy and fun.  -Your very happy math learner, -

 by Anonymous
Name: Meenakshi (Parent of Grade 6)

Thank you very much, Indu for being such a good teacher for my kids. As a parent, I know perfect Math teachers are hard to find, but I am so lucky to have you!!! I do see a lot of improvements in my kid's mathematical skills. I truly appreciate your help and encouragement. Bravo!!! -

 by Anonymous
Name: Preethi (Parent of Grade 4)

We are very pleased on how 2pi mind math program is engaging with our kid. In awe with how Indu handles the pulse of the child and finds out the strength in him to improve more . beyond math the session is very lively and interactive and our kid is never tired once done. He would look forward to meet indu on the next class

* The books are suggested based on skill level which makes kid to thrive more based on individual capacity

* Homework questions are answered offline and easy access to teacher for any queries

* Fun and interactive sessions like quiz is conducted often to improve competitiveness

Overall we are glad we aligned our math enthusiastic kid to the right teacher to sharpen his skills

Kudos and good luck

 by Anonymous
Name: Umabharathi Arunachalam (Parent of Grade 2)

Gives individual attention to kids. Patiently explains the concept to kids, even when asked multiple times. Very flexible in timings, encourage kids to conduct, create puzzles and competition. Goes out of way to bring out their talents.

 by Anonymous
Name: Deepa Balaji (Parent of Grade 2)

My daughter likes this math class. Because her teacher is very patient, expressing friendly attitude to the students moreover she will make plans ahead. Extra activities she will give when kid mind diverts!

 by Anonymous
Name: Kanishka (Grade 2 student)

I think it's a great class!
2pimindmath is amazing!
The riddles are challenging!
She listens to all of the participants!
She keeps her class very entertained!
She makes it easy for us.‍

 by Anonymous
Name: Durga Saravana (Parent of Grade 5 and Grade 2)

I am Durga, mother of 6th Grader and 2nd Grader. My son has been taking up classes from 2pimindmath for past 2 years and my daughter for past one year.
I should say that I have seen significant improvement in my kids. My son started in his 4th grade and his STAAR results were good. He is able to do simple math calculations mentally. Even he is trying to do simple decimal calculations mentally.

The same with my daughter, she was 6 when she started off with Indu (2pimindmath sole instructor). After her math sessions we started discovering a whole new personality of my daughter. She was so go at creative and Analytic thinking ,which was so happy and surprising being a parent. Now, my daughter has started working on mental math. She loves the session because it's not like a usual one, they start off with review, general talk, then into the lesson then a quick break session which may be riddles, jokes and at times even jumping Jack's. Indu keeps up the session lively and keeps going.

Indu makes sure she understands the student and each session is unique in it's own way. Being a parent, I am so grateful towards 2pimindmath for bringing the best out of my kids.

Talking about the quiz program which Indu conducted during the summer break was outstanding. She gave the elder kids opportunity to train and conduct the quiz to the younger kids. Conduct the quiz means she made them prepare the question, present and then set a stage to conduct the quiz. So it's a win win situation for both the kids as the elders get more chance to explore themselves, a chance to be a teacher and the younger kids find it more fun and interesting, as they find it easy to communicate with someone else other than teacher.  Also, my son felt more confident after the quiz, as it's a chance to overcome his stage fear.

And lots more....

 by Anonymous
Name: Tarun (Grade 6 student)

What I like about class is the teacher and riddles. That was my favorite. The teacher is REALLY nice. Sometimes the homework is a bit much. There are good classmates too. You can be smarter than your older friends. Like I’m in 6th grade and I’m learning 9th grade stuff. Overall, the class is great.

 by Anonymous
Name: Archana (Parent of Grade 8)

Whenever a student seeks enrichment or support, 2pimindmath helps Children of all levels build a solid math foundation and develop their critical thinking and problem – solving skills. My daughter wasn’t confident in math, and with school closing and online schooling beginning, it was hard for my daughter to practice and improve her math skills. But when she started going to 2pimindmath, she has drastically challenged, she has become more confident in math, and loves to attend the online classes with 2pimindmath. With a very friendly and dedicated teacher, who is willing to help her students in any way and have them go through different experiences of math, such as conducting quizzes, competing in contests, helping them prep for tests, and having them go through challenging problems 2pimindmath, is a very effective and amazing online class

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