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Enhance your Math skills:

AAA Formula: (Approach, Analyze, and Answer)

Maths through Games:

Enhance your Math skills:

  • We encourage students to optimize their potential to get higher grades in maths.
  • Personal attention will be given to each and every student to improve their performance.
  • Through our innovative methods, steady learners will be improved.
  • Challenging concepts will be given to advanced learners to make them even better
Plan of Action:
  • We monitor the students and analyze each and everyone’s strong and weak areas.
  • We try to dilute even the complex ideas & equations into an easy and understandable one.
How we teach:

We don’t encourage rote learning instead we allow them to “Think”.Our aim is to develop the math skill of the students through analyzing
the problem and react to it and then allow them to solve the problem.

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Our Testimonials

Jaishankar(parent of Grade 8 student)
Indu @ 2pi mind math, is an outstanding teacher. We being at California, the mode of classes is always 'Online' with her.
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Chandini Ashokkumar(Grade 6 student)
First of all, I want to thank you for all your effort and hard work you put into teaching us the difficult subject on the planet!!
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Preethi(Parent of Grade 4 student)
We are very pleased on how 2pi mind math program is engaging with our kid. In awe with how Indu handles
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There are different teaching tools that are more effective at fostering a love of learning while reinforcing and consolidating skills. One of our favorite resources is quizzes!

Quizzes can help our students practice existing knowledge while stimulating interest in learning about new subject matter

2PI Mind Math conducts quizzes regularly to improve student’s math skills


2PI Mind Math conducts Puzzles regularly to improve student’s thinking skills, when children play with puzzles, they learn the power of choice and strategy as they begin to recognize and thoughtfully understand how pieces fit together to complete a larger picture.

Puzzles can help our students in terms of, Strengthen memory, Problem-solving skills, Mood-booster and Personal productivity

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