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Competitions would make your kids to be an Incredible mathematician:

  • Competitions are vital for students to expose themselves.
  • Competitions lead to self – Evaluation. Through self-evaluation, learners can able to analyze and examine their own performances.
  • Competition helps them to improve the quality of their own.
  • Competition boosts their Self -Confidence

Often students will be taken to Competitions to flame their fighting spirit. It allows them to rediscover themselves. It’s not about winning or losing! It’s all about how they can effectively perform while participating in the competitions. It boosts their Self -Confidence. Learners will constantly be taken to the competitions from Elementary to high school.

Their Presence of mind,

  • Rapidity,
  • Accuracy,
  • Spur imagination
  • Self confidence

will be improved through Competitions. It helps to evolve the learners and it would make them an incredible mathematician.

Math kangaroo Competition:

  •  Math Kangaroo Competition is an international, once a year event.
  • Any student in grades 1 through 12 qualifies if he or she can work independently: read and answer a multiple-choice test.
  • The competition questions are appropriate for the students’ age, are interesting and challenging.
  • Questions are chosen by the International Math Kangaroo Committee.
  • In May students who earned top scores at each level of participation are awarded with gold, silver, bronze medals and with gifts. The gold medal is the highest prize. Medals are accompanied with gifts. International Summer Camp in Europe, and college grants are among the prizes. Also, in each participating state 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the state are recognized at each level.

75 Minutes multiple choice test

  • Grade 1 to Grade 4 – 24 Questions for students
  • Grades 5 and up – 30 Questions for students

North south Foundation competition:

There are 3 levels of competition in Math Bee:

  • MB1 (Math Bee Level 1): Grades 1 and 2
  • MB2 (Math Bee Level 2): Grades 3, 4 and 5
  • MB3 (Math Bee Level 3): Grades 6, 7 and 8

The contest is conducted in two phases for all levels. All contestants participate in both Phase I and  Phase II.

Phase I (Written for all levels):

Phase I for all levels is a written test with 25 questions. Each contestant is given a booklet containing 25 questions and has 40 minutes to answer them.

Phase II (Written for Math Bee Level 1):

Phase II for Math Bee Level 1 is a written test with 20 multiple choice questions. Each contestant is given a booklet containing 20 questions and has 20 minutes to answer them.

Phase II (Written Lightning Round for Math Bee Level 2 and 3):

Phase II for Math Bee Level 2 and 3 are called the lightning round consisting of 20 questions. Questions are projected on to a screen, one by one, and read by a pronouncer in front of the contestants. Once a question is read, contestants have 45 seconds to write down the answer on the Student Answer Sheet.