Online Classes Available Grade1 Through High school

Our Results

At 2PI Mind Math, our innovative methods have helped many children’s get ahead and stay ahead in a highly competitive academic method. Our training helps the learners to improve their thinking capabilities. Through regular exercises, we nourish and train young minds to think innovatively. We help kids to understand the concepts by teaching the way that makes sense to them.

With the help of our rigorous training, our students participated in the “STAAR Test” (The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness). Our students performed well and reached the master level in the test. They returned with a sound victory.

We have conducted a lot of quizzes and puzzles in the classes to speed up the accuracy of the learners.

Training has been given to develop the students through numerous question papers and worksheets. Through constant practice and drill, our students attended the International Mathematics Competitions such as “Math Kangaroo” & “North south foundation”

Our aim is to eliminate fear and develop the art of Public Speaking. To improve public speaking skills and other skills, 2PI Mind Math organized own quiz competition. This type of competition helps us to find out the hidden talents of the students. It’s our responsibility to create an atmosphere in which students can grow faster.

2PI Mind Math provides an opportunity to the students to conduct and train other students for quiz competitions.

Competitions help learners to enrich them

  • Math Skills and learning new concepts in a short span of time
  • Knowledge sharing with others
  • Knowing their responsibilities
  • Public speaking skills and
  • Presentation skills.

So, we often conduct quizzes and riddles to improve them.