Online Classes Available Grade1 Through High school

About 2pimindmath

AAA Formula: (Approach, Analyze, and Answer)

We inculcate the AAA formula to reach a solution to mathematical problems. We let them approach the question first, then analyze it and answering the questions.

How we Teach:

We don’t encourage rote learning instead we allow them to “Think”. Our aim is to develop the math skill of the students through analyzing the problem and react to it and then allow them to solve the problem.

Enhance your Math skills:

We encourage students to optimize their potential to get higher grades in math.

Personal attention will be given to each and every student to improve their performance. Through our innovative methods, steady learners will be improved. Challenging concepts will be given to advanced learners to make them even better.

Plan of Action:

  • Monitor the students and analyze each and everyone’s strong and weak areas.
  • Try to dilute even the complex ideas & equations into an easy and understandable one.

Looking back concept:

Revision of the previous sessions will be given to recall what they have learned earlier. Tests would be conducted often to check their performance. Coaching and suggestions will be given to them according to their performance. Unlimited practices would be given to improve their skills

Competitive Exam:

Competitions are vital for students to expose themselves. Competitions lead to self – Evaluation. Through self-evaluation, learners can able to analyze and examine their own performances. It helps them to improve the quality of their own.

Encourage to be creative:

To increase their Ability, we let the students form their own mathematical problems and questions. It enables them to see the problems from a different perspective.

A token of appreciation:

Appreciation is key to encourage students to learn more. In order to boost their enthusiasm, rewards will be given to the students to motivate their performances. For outstanding performers, prizes will be given to acknowledge their achievement.

Friendly environment:

Student’s special day(birthday) will be celebrated in the class to make them feel like home and comfortable. Celebrations help the students to get close with their Co-Students and to create a friendly environment for the learners.

Math through Games:

Games would give an effective way to learn Math. Children love games. Learning the subject through games and fun activities gives them the opportunity to explore fundamental concepts of Math.

Fun Math activities will be conducted often to learn in an easy and interesting way. Let them enjoy and learn is our way!

Online and Offline Classes:

Online classes will be conducted with 2 or less students at a time. Strength should not exceed.

Offline classes will be conducted on public meeting places according to the convenience of the learner. Maximum 3 students would be attending the class, not more than 3 learners at a time. It enables us to give special attention to each and every individual.

Friendly Instructors:

  • Homework questions are answered offline and easy access to teacher for any queries.
  • Our instructors are ready to help at any time.
  • Doubts will be addressed promptly.